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Viewport, Combining Objects in Illustrator, Apache Rewrite Flags, SVG CSS Color

Tidbits of useful tech I picked up during the week.


  • Viewport
    • Mobile, by default, is much larger than their actual screen
    • <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width">
      • Uses actual screen width for viewport instead of larger default reported screen width.
      • Other values of the content attribute are:
        • initial-scale=1: Initial zoom level of page.
          • initial-scale value of content is not really needed when width is specified since it will automatically be scale will be 1.0
        • user-scalable=no: To disable user zooming.
        • minimum-scale: The mimimum amount the visitor can zoom on the page. 1.0 does not zoom.
        • maximum-scale:


  • Illustrator:
    • Create image from negative space of another in illustrator.
      • Create an object under the original.
      • Select both items
      • Click on Shape Builder tool.
      • Click on each part of the negative space.
      • A new object will be created each time a space is clicked. Watch them being created in the Layers panel.
    • Can convert font to outline when saving as SVG in save dialog box.


  • less +F
    • Another option for watching logs
    • Can search log without exiting
  • tail -f
    • Can watch multiple logs at once, not just one.
  • Apache rewrite:
    • [NC,L]: NC means case-insensitive (Not Case sensitive). L means don’t process anymore rules after this one (Last).


  • SVG: dynamic color
    1. Save SVG as code in Illustrator:
      1. File -> Save As
      2. Select SVG as Format
      3. Dialog box comes up, Click SVG Code button.
    2. Copy all code between <svg> tags.
    3. Paste directly into HTML document.
    4. Create CSS to target the path element within the <svg> element. fill: #fb6604;


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