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The Time For Change is Here

infographic_sign_900x411Over the last couple weeks, I posted a bunch of images on Facebook teasing about a major change in my life happening on 2/9.  Well, that day is today and the time has come for change.

The What

After 11 years of working at the same company, and 26 years of swiping a time card as an employee, I’ve decided to quit my job.

It’s time to be my own boss.  I’ll be developing web sites and mobile applications for clients under my own company name, Superiocity.

I could really use your help right now.  I’m a really good web developer, but I don’t know how well I can market myself.  I ask that anyone reading this, PLEASE keep me in mind if you or your company need web work or happen to know of someone who needs a hand.  You won’t be sorry you recommended me; I can guarantee that.

The Why

emotional-han-solo-meme-generator-looks-like-i-m-going-solo-e06a21Why leave the stability of a steady paycheck and benefits?   In a word, ‘happiness.’  Although my clients and co-workers will attest (read my testimonials), I’m already exceptional at what I do, there’s lots more knowledge to gain and I’m passionate about getting it.   Building projects for clients and working on my own projects affords me the flexibility to choose the technology used for those projects.  I’m no longer bound by antiquated systems or less-than-ideal infrastructure decisions or cleaning up the code of others.  Even if going independent doesn’t bring in enough income in the long run, I know I will gain a ton of knowledge over the next year, and that may be enough for me.

The goal is to be successful!  At this point in my life, I measure success not by the size of my bank account but by the quality of my life.  Having an excess of money doesn’t necessarily make me happy.  Working for myself, I expect to gain happiness in a few different ways.

  • Building usable projects that help clients improve their businesses is amazingly gratifying.
  • Working for myself will afford me flexibility to work from anywhere, indoors or out.  I can now stay home with my pups during the day if I choose.  How many of you think about your pets while you’re at work?  I do.
  • I can now dedicate time to working on some of my own ideas for projects.
  • I won’t be working at night or on weekends as much and can spend more time with my beautiful wife, Sylvia.

The When

My first official day of work as an independent developer will be on my birthday, February 23rd.

The How

I already have some clients that I do a bit of work for.    I’ve lined up a new client that I’ll be working for as soon as I leave my job.  My current employer wants to contract me for ongoing work.  I have some marketing ideas and I’ll be working on the search engine optimization of my business site as well as paid search engine marketing.  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been attending tech, marketing, and small business meetups in hopes of driving new business relationships. And lastly, I’ll be speaking at local tech meetups and eventually conferences.  I’m already tentatively speaking at the South Florida PHP User Group meetup in April.

steve-jobsIn Conclusion

I’m extremely nervous at what the future may hold.  Sylvia seems to be more confident than I am.  At the same time, I’m excited.  This is a huge gamble for someone who is generally conservative with finances.  I just keep reminding myself that with great risk, comes the opportunity for great happiness.  Thank you to all my friends and existing clients that have and will support me.  I’m eternally grateful for you.


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  1. Manuel Rodriguez Manuel Rodriguez

    Larry I’m extremely happy for you and encourage you 100%. Taking that step is something that I’m trying to do as well very close so I know what you’re going through and all the happy emotions as well as fears as well as elation of being on your own. I go to many of the business and tech meet ups here in South Florida and I know many of the people that run those events so feel free to use me as a resource for any connections you need. This is exciting wishing you the best of luck man!

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